Lisp Resource Kit



What's the deal with all the scary legal-speak?

In order to supply you with the most powerful and user-friendly experience as well as include full-length content by various authors, the Lisp Resource Kit contains both Free [and Open Source] Software and published written works.

The creators of the content retain the copyright to their works and have added stipulations to the publication of the Lisp Resource Kit on CD. One of the major stipulations by many authors is that the CD be offered at low or no cost, but also are mindful that their work not enter into the public domain. ...which is why the CD is free but as a whole is not for re-distribution.

Can I make personal copies of this CD?

Yes, as many as you like.

Can I give a copy to my close personal friend?


Can my [insert Lisp activist group] distribute these at [insert local event]?

All you have to do is ask. Ask nicely and I'll even send you CD covers.

Can I change the title to Hot Lisp Pron and sell it for $50.00 on the streets of New York City?

No, and I'd better not catch you.

Can I redistribute individual works off of the CD?

Maybe, read the license associated with each work.


The Lisp Resource Kit is based on the latest stable version of Knoppix. Thus the source-code to specific instances of GPLed software is available from Knoppix and Debian.

Any new software written by either the maintainer or contributers will almost certainly fall under the GPL or similar license.

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