Lisp Resource Kit

in collaboration with and the Association of Lisp Users

The Lisp Resource Kit is a dedicated development/learning environment on a self-booting CD. It is designed to be an easy to use single resource for those who are interested in exploring Common Lisp, regardless of their experience or domain of expertise.

The kit contains works by:

  • Basic Lisp Techniques by David Cooper
  • On Lisp book by Paul Graham
  • Successful Lisp by David Lamkins

Software by:

Available at not cost.

How does it work?

The Lisp Resource Kit is a self booting CD based off of the latest stable version of Knoppix (which is in turn based on Debian GNU/Linux).

Just insert it into the CD-ROM of your PC, turn your computer on and enjoy of power of Lisp.

Screenshots? ...available here!

This is really cool and I'd like to...

More screenshots here!

Development History

2004-12-23Completely remastered from the stable Knoppix 3.7!
Supplanted ilisp in favor of Slime.
Added Plt Scheme (voted "Best Lisp IDE") and Ms. Candolin's Scheme Tutorial
Our friends at Franz gifted us with a new 6-month ACL license.
2004-02-10Rebranded as the Lisp Resource Kit from the original Lisp Education CD
Project hosted with the the good folks at
Optimized for speed! Now 50% faster! Initial boot time dropped from 4 minutes to 2.
Added Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style by Peter Norvig and Kent Pitman.
2004-01-20Initial public release. Debuted at the booth at Linux World Expo in New York City.
2003Internal project of LispNYC as a development platform for the Robocup Soccer Simulation League.


We're excited about the new release, the addition of Scheme resources should keep everyone busy for a good while.

To Do
  • More Schemes and more Scheme integration.
  • More Lisps and more Lisp integration.
  • Music resources.
  • Integrated web development environment, with Uncommon SQL and tutorials.
  • Lisp-based MUD.
  • Persistant storage, possibly network based.

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